Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Smile {Graduation Edition!}

This picture makes me smile, laugh, and cry a little too. 
My Baker Babies have graduated, and I am one proud Mama Butts.
From my beautiful refugees from Tanzania....
To the Class President and Future CNN Anchor....
These kids had my heart from Day 1.
I've screamed my head off cheering for them as they ran across the goal line.
And cried with them when they were hurting.
I've showed them a little about what I know...
And they've taught me a whole lot more.
It took a lot of team work; more for some than others.
But all in all, I'm just so proud and happy.
People say that being a teacher is not a good field to go into these days. But I say phoey to that.
It is, perhaps, the very best choice of all.

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