Monday, August 27, 2012

This week at BDP {hurricane permitting!}

Seven years ago today, I was scrambling to get the Governor of Louisiana (Kitty Blanco, as we called her) on my anchor desk by show opener for an exclusive on Katrina. 

Oh, Katrina. 

I am pleased to say that with Isaac approaching, I laid out at the pool with friends today, then ate at Mellow Mushroom. No wall-to-wall coverage for this girl!:) Now, it's just me and PJ Joey hanging out with plenty of flashlights and bags of doritos to get us through. 

On to photography. Last week I had two great shoots that are looking so good! The Johnson's Beach pictures and then the Bonner-Starks Wedding. Here is a little sample of both sessions:

Johnson Family

Bonner-Sparks Wedding
 So, she's kind of pretty. 

Tomorrow, we'll finish up the pictures from Austin and Emily's Big Day....
Wednesday will have sweet Noelle Adams...

...followed by an engagement session for the Arthur-Duvall wedding.
We're having a good week- GO AWAY ISAAC!
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