Monday, July 15, 2013

This Week at BDP

What a weekend! 

It started off with the wedding ceremony of one of my favorite people in the entire earth.  

She made the most beautiful bride, and she picked quite a guy!

Congrats Laura & Clay!

Also this weekend in Starkville was the (re)claimed project event which raised over $25,000 for orphan care ministry locally, domestically, and internationally. Orphan care is something that is so important to Caleb and myself, so I was so excited to pitch in with some volunteer photography. 

Recognize this lovely face? 

The guest speaker was Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. 
It turned out to be the best gig ever because we (my bestie/assistant photographer Boo Boo) got to hang out with her while I took her picture with each sponsor.

She is SO NICE.
(and very tall)

The church was packed! About 700 people showed up to learn what they can do to help orphans all over the world. God is so good!

On the blog this week, we've got all the sweet details from Mike and Michelle's beautiful beach wedding. If you're planning a similar ceremony and reception, definitely take note!

On Wednesday, we'll have these little cuties. Love these two precious little girls!

And on Thursday, it's time for some beach pictures! With kids this cute, you know the pics are going to be good!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thanks for visiting the blog!
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