Monday, November 26, 2012

This week at BDP

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We shared the day with friends and family at our house, and I loved every second of it. Here are some pictures of our day, starting with the coolest couple on the block. Just kidding. There are literally hundreds of teenagers in Mobile that can testify to my un-coolness.
My napkin holders are little turkeys. They are so cute.
What's a get-together without a wedge of gouda?
Ashley made an apple pie with a basket-weaving top crust. Pretty legit!
Now that our Christmas tree is up, I was determined to get really dramatic photos of PJ Joey in front of it. She is my toughest model, for sure.
Alrighty, coming up this week, we have Charity and Joseph's wedding day portraits.
On Wednesday, we'll have the Holmes family.
And on Thursday, we'll have the Neal family.
I hope everyone has a really great week. Christmas is coming!
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