Monday, October 22, 2012

This week at BDP

Hello friends!

Is anyone else soooooo nervous/excited about next Saturday's game? Caleb warns me every 5 minutes not to talk smack to the kids at school because he thinks that will jinx State. Little does he know I'm already involved in about seven individual bets with different students. Let's just say that if State beats Bama, I'm going to have a lot of candy bars coming my way! (If they lose... which they won't...hopefully.... I'm going to be buying a lot of candy bars). 

So. Anyway. I am whiling away my days talking smack to teenagers at school and editing all your lovely photographs at night. It's a good life indeed!

Tomorrow, we'll finish out the images from the Bonner-Sparks wedding by showcasing the pictures we took right after their ceremony.

On Wednesday, I'm happy to start showing off my beautiful friend Laura's wedding. I just got these out in the mail yesterday, so I know everyone is anxious to see the final product.
And on Thursday, we'll have this sassy little thing. Betsy, please promise you'll give me all of RK and Charlie's hand-me-downs one day!
I hope everyone has a fantastic week!
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