Sunday, September 16, 2012

This week on BDP

It only took me three hours to get home today. We can't figure out how I made it that fast, and I never went over 80mph. Did I enter a time warp and didn't know it? Anyway, I had the best weekend in Starkville! It was busy, but a nice kind of busy.

I started the day at the wedding of Charity and Joseph. She's from Chicago. He's from Ohio. They met at college in Michigan. They live in Wisconsin. And they were married yesterday in Starkville. Go figure. 

 Most of their wedding party had never been to the South before and were loving my accent. I love it when people love my accent. I really twang it up. Every single person was so nice, even though they are Yankees. :)

I left their wedding, where the party was only getting started mind you, to meet up with my college friend Laura and her fiance Jeff for their engagement pictures. This was my first time to meet her almost-husband, and he definitely won me over when he bought me a bottled water.

He is awesome, which is perfect because so is she! I can't wait for their wedding in TWO weeks!

Then I had one more engagement session scheduled for Saturday. Alleigh and Preston are adorable. I wanted to steal her sequin top, but I think it would only fit her or my old barbies.
Cute, cute couple.
So coming up this week on the website, we start with the Details of Holly and RC's wedding day.
Then on Wednesday, we have this sweet girl, Miss Peacock herself.

On Thursday, we'll look at all the pics from John Preston's session.
And on Friday, we'll have this week's Friday's Smile. Please check it out each day! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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