Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weddings: It's in the Details {Unique Guestbooks}

Wedding Detail: Unique Guestbooks 
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Every couple wants a record of who attended their wedding. Here are some creative ideas some of my Brides have come up with to turn their guestbook into art or another meaningful memento.

Family/Friend Tree
Guests make a thumbprint or use a leaf stamp on the already painted tree, then sign their name on their leaf.

Guests write messages or simply sign their name on one of the recipe pages of a Bride's favorite cookbook. 

Guests use fabric pens to write a blessing onto a fabric patch. All the patches are then sewn together to make a quilt for the couple's home.

Memory Book
Cards are filled in by guests at the reception, and later the Bride and Groom compile all the cards into a memory book.

Blessing Tree
Guests write their blessings or wishes for the couple then tie them to a branch on the tree.
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