Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

I know! It's WAY too early to be thinking about such things, BUT... before the hectic-ness of the holidays begin, I'm announcing that BDP is offering custom Christmas Cards this year!

I was trying to figure out a low-cost way to do my own cards, and discovered this free software. I can easily share the love to all my wonderful friends who let me take their pictures.

So here's the deal. When you have a session during one of the upcoming Christmas Card photo session days, your disc will come with a customized card (jpeg). You can then print them yourself if you like or since it's a jpeg, you can use it as a holiday blog header! If you would like me to print them, you can place an order through me and envelopes will be included in the price.

I will have samples on hand at the sessions and you can place your order then. Also, before the card is finalized, I'll send you a proof over e-mail and you can change it up if you want!

Check out the samples below. These are just a few I whipped up, but you have time to dream up your own and we can design it together!

Only a few more days to enter the first ever BDP Giveaway!
All you need to do is email me at bettydonnephotography@gmail.com and let me know you want to receive emails about upcoming Family Session Days.
You could win a gift certificate for your own blog design upgrade!
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