Thursday, December 16, 2010

Now that school is winding down, I will hopefully have time to catch up on posts! So be expecting several over the next few weeks! And I'm excited about catching up because there are so many great families and couples to show off.

So to kick things off.... the marriage of two very sweet people who really do complement each other nicely. What I really appreciated about them was how worshipful their wedding ceremony was. That church was packed out which I think really reflects how people think of them!
Shoot Location: Caledonia, MS.

Stay Tuned for:
The Edelblute Family (finally! haha)
Erinn's Baby Bump Session (Samuel will be here any day now!)
The Cuicchi Family
The Robson Family
Corbin Tehan
Tate Barrier Senior Portraits
Bailey and John Engagement (my sweet cousin!)
Brown-Zogby Wedding (get ready for mustaches on a stick..... that's all I'm saying for now....)
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  1. Beautiful! Again I're a rock star!

  2. These are great!! Lighting amazing!! Patiently waiting for the rest of them!!