Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh. Henry.

Please allow me to introduce you to the funniest child I know. Seriously.
I did not have to pose Henry at all- I just followed him around and let him do his thing. There was a lot of camera blur due to the fact that I couldn't quit laughing long enough to hold the camera still!
Shoot Location: Starkville, MS.

I'm starting off with my favorite pic from the session. Although, he does look quite serious here.

Here's that mischievous eye twinkle breaking out.....

Me: "Henry, will you go sit on that bench for me?"

And this is exactly the pose he struck:

Then he did a little boogie for us...

LOVE this one!

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  1. henry had a great time-- obviously doesn't mind the camera! thanks for some great pictures!

  2. What a poser!! That's too funny.

  3. He is precious. Love his sweet smile.

  4. cutest kid in the world! You are FABULOUS for getting some "normal" shots. HA! I love them all!!