Sunday, August 15, 2010

Susanna and Mark

I've known Susanna since elementary school and when I think about our friendship the first thing that comes to mind is LAUGHING. The girl can giggle. And it shows in pretty much every single picture! She married a boy named Mark and I like him so much already- you can tell he thinks the world of my friend Sue.
Shoot Location: Oxford, MS.
P.S.- I just want to add on that at a slumber party in the 8th grade, another friend (Amanda) and I cut eight inches off Susanna's hair and you will notice she has worn it that short ever since. So I count that a success in terms of 8th grade beauty parlors....

I love this picture so much... I think Susanna is the only bride to ever hack into a wedding cake like that. Plus, it really highlights the ROCK on her left hand!

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  1. PERFECTION. She is going to be so pleased. You are so great!!!

  2. I have only been around Susanna a handful of times, and I think of laughter when I think of her too! These pictures are delightful! I feel like I was a part of the big day...and it seems so personal! Love them!

  3. 你不能決定生命的長度,但你可以控制它的寬度..................................................

  4. so beautiful. susanna was a stunning bride, it was a beautiful wedding, and YOU are a talented photographer!!!!

  5. Those pics are makes me want to get married again! (Not to mention her gorgeous dress. I'm in love!)