Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amy, Shona and Leah are close friends from college and now their families sometimes vacation together. They are quite the fun group with all the crawlers roaming around:) Taking pictures for them really made me miss my college friends and made me want to plan a huge vacation with all of them!
Shoot Location: Gulfport, MS.
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Sweet little faces, all in a row...

I guess it looked so much fun that the grown-ups wanted in- where are all those babies right now? :)

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  1. Tricia, You're amazing! So many great shots! I'm probably going to have to just wallpaper my house with pictures because I don't know how to choose which ones to print! And, you got ALL of these in just an hour! Thanks again!!

  2. Love your perspective on people! You are fantastic & can't wait for you to get to photography all our wild kids too!