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Welcome to Betty Donne Photography! There are many loves in my life: my Savior, cute husband, caring family, hilarious friends, shrimp and grits, my badly behaving dog, my silly students, Mobile in the springtime, lemon squares, I could go on and on. Photography is another love of mine, but it's also brought me a lot of joy as well... new friends, creative outlet, paying for Med School, etc. Thank you for being a part of something that has really brought a lot of happiness my way!

**Keep scrolling to the bottom for a list of FAQ's.

The Hubby and I

My objective when taking pictures of people is to capture them looking happy. When you look back on your pictures, I want you to smile and remember life is good. Although I individually edit every image, your pictures are minimally processed for a natural look.
Many people have asked me where the name "Betty Donne" came from, and I love to tell them! My grandmother once owned a ladies dress shop in a small town in North Alabama. The Betty Donne Dress Shop was always a welcoming place that made every person feel beautiful and special. I only hope the pictures I take exude those same emotions for the families they are taken for!

Specializing in wedding and family photography, my goal is to fully capture the personality of each person as well as the timeless moments created.
If interested in booking, please just give me a call! I would love to discuss your event and the style of pictures you would like.

Betty Donne Photography FAQ's:

How do I book a session? E-mail (bettydonnephotography@gmail.com) or Call (662-312-6295) any time! I'll personally work with you to figure out the best date, time, and location.

Are my pictures copyrighted? No. Part of the deal is that you get the rights to every single image.
How many pictures will be on the disc? It depends. Every session is unique, and I believe in quality over quantity. On average, family sessions yield roughly 80-125 images (1 hour) and weddings yield about 500-100 images (5 hours).

How do you edit your pictures? I believe in letting a person's natural beauty shine through, so I do not edit with sharp contrast or dramatic color temperatures.

Will my pictures have that vintage look I'm seeing all over Pinterest? Yes. You will receive every image three different ways: full color, vintage, and black/white. I love the vintage look and am proud to offer it to all my clients. However, I worry that this whole "vintage look" may be a passing fad. SO- I give you the fad and the classic look of color. Best of both worlds!

What should we wear in our family session? Why don't you lay out your outfit combos, snap a pic on your camera phone, then e-mail it to me. I can then make suggestions on what to add or take away. My basic piece of advice is to pick three colors then mix and match them throughout your family's outfits. That way, you're coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

How long after the session will it take to get my picture packet? It depends. If your session takes place during a busy season, then expect 6-8 weeks. Normally, it takes 2 weeks from the time of the session to the time I mail the packet.

Do you require a deposit? Only for weddings.

Why can't we schedule a session during work hours? I am also a high school teacher. I am only available for sessions on the weekend or after 3:30 on week days.

When should I schedule a newborn session? Babies are best photographed as soon as possible. If you're expecting, we can go ahead and pencil in the newborn session, knowing that flexibility in scheduling is key  in this situation.  I'd like to do the session when your sweet baby is about 4 days old. We will just have to communicate with each other.

What should I expect during a newborn session? I have an information sheet I will e-mail you with advice on how to time feedings, etc. in regard to the photo shoot. It includes suggestions on items to have handy during the shoot as well.

What is a sample timeline for wedding photography? I have an information sheet for you too! It has a sample timeline that we can use as a guide to personalizing your wedding day photography.

Why don't you have a photography studio? I don't need one! I have portable studio lighting for newborn sessions. Other than that, I like taking pictures outside. I use a flash when necessary.

You have a 662 area code and advertise in Starkville, but you don't live there? I live in Mobile, AL. I am in Starkville A LOT, so chances are, we can still get you on the calendar.

Let me know what other questions you have! I'd love to chat with you about your wedding or family session.

Betty Donne Photography
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